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Creative Home Series

I do so many easy, fun, creative things with the children at home, I have decided to start sharing a 'Creative Home' Series on Sundays.  For the first post, I want to share this painting that is probably the piece of art that receives the most commentary from guests when they come over.  It is a 40 x 60 inch canvas that I had the children work on all last summer covered in children's paint, markers, and crayons.  We accidentally left the canvas out in the yard, and the rain created the ghost like effect on the canvas, which I'm crazy about. So if you are looking for a simple, ongoing project at home for little ones, this is easy....

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The One Room Challenge: Week Seven Final Reveal

This One Room Challenge had lots of hiccups along the way. The rug I ordered unfortunately did not arrive on time, so we are using a sisal in its place and I will add an updated of it installed in the room.  Also, my electrician's baby came a tad early so he could never cap my terrible ceiling fan, so Ill also include an updated version of the fan capped.  But everything else truly looks so great, and I could not be more thankful to have a cozy, very comfortable master bedroom.  My friend Amanda Louise hooked me up with her workroom and gave me great direction about the tailoring and finishing of my curtains, Roman Shades, Pillows and Dust...

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