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Bennett's Advertisement

I hope that if you are local, you can go check out Bennett's Framing & Art.  They have tons of my paintings in the Gallery and most of them are already framed with an array of their beautiful frames. I was flipping around in a local publication called At Home Magazine and loved their most recent advertisement featuring my work.  It is such a great pleasure to work with them.  I hope if you have any framing needs you keep Bennett's or Bennett's Express (a little treasure!) in mind.  xo, 

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The One Room Challenge Week Four: Art

Art truly makes the space, so the artwork for the room has been the most important part of it for me. I created a custom 40 x 30 inch abstract landscape for the room drawing in the hunter green of the bedding and warmer pinks.  And I have long been following Alexis Walter and purchased this piece back in September to go over the mantle in the room.  I love that it has tiny pops of color and charcoal markings in in.  The art definitely adds a layer of texture and dimension to the bedroom, and I could not be more pleased with how the paintings turned out!I also had four panels installed in the room this week (they look great)...

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