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Getting ready for Christmas: Needlepoint Ornaments

Its the start of the most wonderful time of the year: that means lots of decorating, fun with family and friends... and that it's time to pull out the Holiday Needlepoint!  This year, I launched my Needlepoint Canvas Line, and have decided to display my prized stitching on our bannister with a garland instead of putting them on the Christmas Tree. 

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Spanish Foods Series

I'm so excited about the first group of paintings that were created in Spain, the 'Spanish Foods' series. The group will be release on The Campbell Collective this Thursday, 10/22/20, at 8:30am EST.  To celebrate the release, I thought it would be fun to put out a big Spanish spread of the different foods we have been enjoying since moving to here.   Food has inspired the collection, and it is so easy to see why: everything tastes as good as it looks. I sprinkled some Aleia Roses in for the shoot as well since Aleia is what brought us to Spain.  I hope you enjoy a little taste of what is coming Thursday!  I hope you enjoy these as much...

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