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Spanish Landscape Series

I'm very excited to share this newest body of work- Nineteen small Paintings - all inspired by the Spanish Landscape.   This collection is called 'La Pintura de Paisaje' which means 'Landscape Paintings' in Spanish, because these compositions are how my eye sees a landscape in its abstracted version.  They were created on heavy body textured watercolor paper in two sizes: 10 x 10 inches and 8 x 8 inches.  I had never worked on this type of paper, and really enjoyed the texture of it and the deckle edges.  The group of work is color driven, energetic, and full of life.  I hope you enjoy them: they will release here on the website June 17th at 8:30am EST!   

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Botanica Bulb Series

I am so thrilled to share this collection of art that will release on Thursday, June 3rd at 8:30am EST.  We are living in a very rural little pueblo outside of a larger town in Spain, and this year nature has been a central theme in my days.  I've enjoyed long rambling walks with my children and it has been so nice to go slowly and enjoy the beauty of spring.   The plants that have most caught my attention over the spring are the flowers that emerge from bulbs.  I appreciate how they bloom year after year from the same bulb, but each year the flower looks slightly different.  For me, this is a meditation on how we are...

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Where Women Create Magazine Feature

I am absolutely thrilled to be featured in the most recent of edition of Where Women Create Magazine.   My Spanish Studio is a beautiful spot for creating, and I can not thank the WWC Team for this fabulous feature enough.  It was one of my goals to have the space published in 2021, and this spread was even more lovely than I could have envisioned.  Thank you thank you! 

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