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Now Introducing: Duck Prints

So many of you reached out to find out when I was going to make a few more of my Duck Collages, so I did something that hasn't happened in a while: I made prints out of them.  You can now purchase 16 x 20 inch archival paper Duck Prints of my originals (here they are, hanging in George's room in our house!)  I hope you enjoy these and they encourage your little outdoorsman to appreciate the natural world.  Mallard Duck Print Wood Duck Print Hope you like 'em like I do!

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Surface design for Prodoh's Fall/Winter Collection

   An ongoing collaboration is the most fun, ideal way for me to work with brands: it allows us to get to know one another well, and is a true creative evolution.  That is why the creative work I've done for Prodoh is so fulfilling: I feel like we get to know each other better and better with each season and the dialogue expands.  The clothes they create for children are amazing for getting them outside: the attention to detail, durability, and creativity their design team brings to the table are truly unparalleled.     Here's a sneak peek of Fall/Winter '22:  

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Design Collaboration with Prodoh Continues

The design collaboration with Prodoh Continues! We have been working together on five past seasons, and as I type this, I am sitting down to work on the 2023 collection with Prodoh.  It is very special to continue this ongoing collaboration with Prodoh and to have my artwork become a part of the brand's DNA.  Here is what I helped the children's brand create for their 2022 Spring/Summer Collection! 

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The Birds of a Feather Mixed Media Release

I'm so excited to share this newest series: a release featuring Mixed Media Birds.  This series started when my little boy asked me to create him some ducks for his big boy room.  The two ducks I created for him were so fun to make that I just kept going and ended up with ten birds to share with collectors! Here they are: these are the only birds I will be offering for 2022, but keep an ear to the ground for more to come in 2023. 

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Transitioning back from Spain

I have been so quiet on Social Media the month of January, and its all been intentional.   As a family, we knew transitioning back from living abroad in Spain for a year and a half would take some settling in and that is just what we have been doing.  I'm so excited about the series I've been working on.  For me, painting is a journaling process: in this new series, I have been unpacking some visuals that have really stuck in my mind during our European travels. And while I'm thrilled (and nervous!) to share them, I'm not quite yet ready to put them out there yet... these pieces are very different from any work I've created ever and I...

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