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Prodoh Kids Holiday Collection

Mid-October may feel a *tad* early to start thinking about Holiday Dressing, but the season is truly just around the corner.  I am sharing some favorite pieces from my ongoing collaboration with Prodoh: this group of holiday gear is inspired by Nantucket, and it is all cozy, comfy, and here with perfect timing for the season. Be sure to use my discount code, 'Marquin', at checkout to enjoy 10% off your purchase (this also can apply to sale items!) Happy Shopping! 

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Artwork for Prodoh Kids Clothing

A few days ago while we were at the pool, a friend asked me about the clothes my children were wearing.  They were made by local to Greenville children's clothing brand Prodoh, and I have the great pleasure of creating the artwork that goes on the back of their clothes and the art for their pattern repeats.  

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