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Trout Series

I'm thrilled to share this trout collage series with you all: for a while I've been wanting to create some fish, and finally sat down to experiment with papers in the laboratory! These fish have a peso, a telegram, painted papers, and notes all incorporated in them and are truly one of a kind!  I had a great time creating this pair: trout are in deep decline, and I hope that in making these fish, collectors take a moment and pause to consider their impact on the natural world. 

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Now Introducing: Duck Prints

So many of you reached out to find out when I was going to make a few more of my Duck Collages, so I did something that hasn't happened in a while: I made prints out of them.  You can now purchase 16 x 20 inch archival paper Duck Prints of my originals (here they are, hanging in George's room in our house!)  I hope you enjoy these and they encourage your little outdoorsman to appreciate the natural world.  Mallard Duck Print Wood Duck Print Hope you like 'em like I do!

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Surface design for Prodoh's Fall/Winter Collection

   An ongoing collaboration is the most fun, ideal way for me to work with brands: it allows us to get to know one another well, and is a true creative evolution.  That is why the creative work I've done for Prodoh is so fulfilling: I feel like we get to know each other better and better with each season and the dialogue expands.  The clothes they create for children are amazing for getting them outside: the attention to detail, durability, and creativity their design team brings to the table are truly unparalleled.     Here's a sneak peek of Fall/Winter '22:  

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Design Collaboration with Prodoh Continues

The design collaboration with Prodoh Continues! We have been working together on five past seasons, and as I type this, I am sitting down to work on the 2023 collection with Prodoh.  It is very special to continue this ongoing collaboration with Prodoh and to have my artwork become a part of the brand's DNA.  Here is what I helped the children's brand create for their 2022 Spring/Summer Collection! 

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