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Nests Series!

For the past three years, I have offered up different collections of Nests for Mother' Day.  This year, the Nests are all 5 x 7 inches and are made from collaged painted Robins Eggs, adhered to deckle edged papers.  The nests are made from watercolor pigments and oil pastels.   Each nest comes with One, Two, Three, or Four Eggs in it.  They were crafted in my studio in Spain and I am so glad to be able to share them with my US Collectors.  They will be available on The Campbell Collective website Thursday, April 29th at 8:30am, EST.  The Eggs were cut from old paint palettes - I have a hard time throwing them out because their colors...

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Spanish Studio, Part I

I'm absolutely thrilled to share my Spanish Studio: it is a place I totally happened upon, and it has been a very inspiring creative work space.  In its former life, it was an antiques store, and then evolved into a workshop for our landlord who owns the house we are renting.  He uses it sparingly and offered it to me as a studio space. I have a great love for antiques, natural light, and multiple workspaces, so this spot has been a perfect Spanish Studio.  I hope you enjoy this little tour! Stay Tuned: I'll be sharing more as the month progresses. 

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