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The Birds of a Feather Mixed Media Release

I'm so excited to share this newest series: a release featuring Mixed Media Birds.  This series started when my little boy asked me to create him some ducks for his big boy room.  The two ducks I created for him were so fun to make that I just kept going and ended up with ten birds to share with collectors! Here they are: these are the only birds I will be offering for 2022, but keep an ear to the ground for more to come in 2023. 

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Transitioning back from Spain

I have been so quiet on Social Media the month of January, and its all been intentional.   As a family, we knew transitioning back from living abroad in Spain for a year and a half would take some settling in and that is just what we have been doing.  I'm so excited about the series I've been working on.  For me, painting is a journaling process: in this new series, I have been unpacking some visuals that have really stuck in my mind during our European travels. And while I'm thrilled (and nervous!) to share them, I'm not quite yet ready to put them out there yet... these pieces are very different from any work I've created ever and I...

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Get ready for Spain this Summer

As I type this, we are flying over the Atlantic Ocean on our return from spending a year and a half in Spain.  I am totally overwhelmed and blown away by the beauty, the people, the food, the and all the unimaginable intangibles we have gotten to experience during this time as a family.  I know that I speak for all four Campbells when I say that this season will go down as a special chapter for us. 

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Upcoming Release

Next Friday, November 5th, at Noon EST I will be releasing lots of little paintings on paper inspired by trips over the summer, themes I've been wanting to explore in Spain, and color explorations.  These are some of the pieces I will be listing- here is a little sneak peek!  These paintings were created after a trip to Galicia: I was inspired by the water, the fog, and the beautiful terrain.  And there will be angels too- I try to reinvent them every year!  Thank you so much for your interest and I hope you pick up a little piece of art Friday, November 5th at Noon!     

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Collaboration with Prodoh

I'm so excited to share some special children's clothes, made by Greenville-based Prodoh.  I had the pleasure of helping the brand create some patterning that was applied to these cute Fall/Winter pieces.  Painterly Stripe Sweatshirt Jacket with Palm Frond Liner Nautical Striping Liner Painterly Gingham Palm Print Leggings (with cute pockets!)  Thank you to Prodoh for having me add my art to your fun, super functional, outdoor-loving kids brand! 

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